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Produced by:
BBC Worldwide and Greenlight Media AG

Alix Tidmarsh and Sophokles Tasioulis

Executive Producers:
André Sikojev, Nikolaus Weil,

Stefan Beiten,

Martyn Freeman, Wayne Garvie,

Don Hahn,
Mike Phillips

Alastair Fothergill, Mark Linfield

Production Manager:

Amanda Hutchinson, Mandy Knight, Richard Lloyd


Doug Allan,

Doug Andersen,

Paul Atkins,

Richard Brooks Burton,

Martyn Coleback, Simon King,

Didier Noirot,

Rick Rosenthal a.o.

Alastair Fothergill, Mark Linfield,
Leslie Megahey

Original Music by:

George Fenton


Martin Elsbury, Melany Maximus, Vartan Nazarian


Andrew Wilson, Kate Hopkins, Matthew Gough

For the very first time, an epic motion picture of the entire planet earth. From the makers of Deep Blue comes Earth, the greatest story ever told of our living planet. Every creature on Earth has only one all-encompassing quest: to survive. That is the story of this planet, in all its magnificent variations, under the blazing light and awesome power of the sun. No film has ever captured the immense scope of the drama of Earth, yet told it with heartbreaking and heart warming intimacy of real animal characters. Until now.


EARTH is the second highest nature documentary ion the history of cinema. It is the movie which established Disney’s – Disney Nature brand and was released in a record number of 1.800 screens in the US, setting the opening record for documentary domestically.

Its box office earnings total US$ 140 million, ranking number 1 in a number of territories. In home entertainment it has sold more than 20 million units and it is estimated that more than 1 billion people have watched Earth and its companion TV series Planet Earth around the globe.

Narrated by: 

Patrick Stewart (Original Version),

James Earl Jones (US Version)

Anggun (French Version),

Ulrich Tukur (German Version)

Ken Watanabe (Japanese Version)

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